There are always new places to explore in the Philippines, and having lived here all our lives, we can say that we haven't even been to half of the amazing sights to see around our home country, but what struck us the most was the island of Batanes. Many people call this the "Scotland" of the Philippines, and this explains it all because aside from the amazing beaches the Philippines has to offer, when you travel to Batanes, its like teleporting to a whole new world.

Getting to Batanes ca be tricky since its one of the places you can easily get stranded due to the number of storms that pass on a weekly basis. Summertime (March - May) is the best time to go, and you wont regret it because you will experience the most golden light, the greenest hills and the perfect weather to get around. We advise that you get a tour guide to help you get around the island and of course, show you the best spots to visit!

Batanes has definitely been one of the most amazing experiences we've had while traveling the Philippines, its also a breath of fresh air and something different from the usual beach sights. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on any Batanes articles or cool places to see and visit while on this amazing island!

Thomas & Kimi