We've travel alot in our career so far but one of the things that always remains on the bucket list is to go on a cruise. Although, it was not on the top of our list, we always considered it to be a possibility and who would have known we would be able to explore these amazing destinations all in 6 days. We have partnered with Star Cruises to show you an inside look on what its like to be in a cruise ship, and to show you all the amazing destinations you can visit on this route.



The whole trip is a 5 night/6day agenda where you will dock in Laoag is Ilocos, Kaohsiung in Taiwan and lastly Hong Kong before going back to Manila again. We spent most of our time at sea, but with the unending number of things to do, you will never get bored on a cruise ship. 

One of the main attractions is definitely Parthenon Pool, where you can swim in the pool, have fun on the slide or simple relax on the jacuzzi. Some nights there are awesome activities like BBQ night, which they only host one time per trip, so you shouldn't miss it! There are also countless shows at the theater, sports activities, and tours you can experience around the ship, like see the captain himself.

Lastly, one of the most beautiful meals we've had was during the Captain's Gala where you dress up all fancy and have dinner with the Captain of the ship, with a delicious course meal and an amazing sunset.




First stop was Laoag in Locos Norte, but because we've already explored this amazing place we knew how to get around and up until now we cannot believe the beauty of Ilocos. As we disembarked from the ship, we first head out to lunch and then explore the amazing Calle Crisologo, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This road is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, take photos and of course, eat dirty iced cream!



Kaohsiung in Taiwan is the next stop, and because you are aboard Star Cruises, you are issued a pass to explore the city (since we, Filipinos, usually need a visa to enter Taiwan). Kaohsiung is a nice and quiet place and if you booked a tour with Star Cruises you will visit the Buddha Museum, have delicious lunch, visit a quirky art parlk and eat the most scrumptious pineapple cake.



Last stop is Hong Kong (ahh music to our ears!), this is definitely one of our favorite places to go and we were so excited to be able to be back via cruise ship. We docked at Harbor City and once we got off, we were at Harbour City Mall. In Hong Kong we were given almost 10 hours to explore and its also the longest the ship will dock before heading back to Manila.



Our experience was definitely unique, and we highly recommend that you experience this at least once in your lifetime because we definitely enjoyed!


  • Don't forget to bring medicine for seasickness, trust us on this one!
  • Pack extra clothes for the cold weather, Taiwan gets pretty chilly.
  • Watch all the shows and do all the activities on board!
  • You will experience the most beautiful sunsets at sea, don't forget your camera!

We hope you enjoy!