Our trip to Manjuyod Sandbar started in Bacolod. We had flown there first to visit family and then traveled at 3 am to Dumagete where it is located. Our journey reached 4 hours, passing through the mountain until we reached the drop-off point in Bais Bay. Our first stop was to watch the Dolphins, which according to the boatman is an hour away from the dock. Countless articles and blog posts will tell you that to be able to see the Dolphins, you have to leave at 6am from the dock and proceed straight to where they are located. We got to the dock at 7am and left at around 7:30 but we never lost hope.

As we were nearing the location, our boatman started to make hand signals, something that said "they're not here". To our dismay, we slowly started to lose hope. I sat at the tip of the boat the whole time to anticipate them and also get a good shot. A few more minutes passed by and nothing appeared.

As I was looking down at the water, hoping, expecting, praying, a school of Dolphins appeared right below my feet and I started to scream, warning Thomas and everyone on the boat. With the GoPro ready and Thomas with the Camera, we snapped away. The boatman saw it in the distance, more pods of Dolphins, jumping. That was the happiest moment of our lives, nothing can ever describe the feeling of seeing animals in the wild. This went on for another hour, we followed different pods (a "pod" or a "school" is what you call a group of Dolphins) around, amazed by how they are, and what they can do. Dolphins are known to be playful animals, and from a distance you will be able to see them do different flips and tricks.

Manjuyod Sandbar is closer to the dock, to get there only takes 30 minutes. Based on our experience (it may be a different experience compared to others), by 9 am we were headed back to the sandbar, and the water is at a slightly higher waist level, perfect for quick swims.  The boatman told us that the sandbar starts to show at a farther location at 1pm, and by the cottages at 3pm, so we moved our boat just to get a quick sight of the sandbar.

A storm hit us even before we could see the whole sandbar come to life, to the point we were stranded in the cold in the middle of the ocean for close to an hour. In the end, we did not get to experience Manjuyod in its full glory, but it was still a magical place and we were blessed to be there and experience the Dolhpins and the beautiful clear waters.

till our next adventure, 
Thomas & Kimi

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