Just around 6 hours away from Manila, lies an amazing secluded beach called Charlie's Point in Baler, Aurora. We're not entirely sure how secluded it is on peak months but the time we were there, it was quiet. As we googled Baler, everything seemed to feel crowded, because as a very well known surf spot, there are bound to be people, many people. We're suckers for amazing light, thats why we love the beach because the light is always perfect, and we love Baler because there are no big hotels by the beach, just cute campsites like Easy Adventure.

Easy Adventure is basically Glamping, and by that we don't mean pure luxury but a nice way to go camping without any hassle (since Camping and I don't go well together, this was perfect!). You get meals, service, nice bathrooms, a nice outdoor shower with perfect water, and you can even paddleboard at the river beside the sea. Each tent too, has its own soft bed with soft pillows and even a little living room area, ugh, perfection. To be honest with you, we've had one of the best sleeps of my life in that little tent.

We took the Buggy for a spin around Baler, everything is basically just a few minutes away, and you can even drive up to the main beach where everybody surfs (we didn't though), so we just toured some spots and took pictures. Golden Hour was honestly the best I've ever seen, except the fact that the sun does not set at the side of the beach. It was one of the most relaxing trips we've been on, and we'd probably head on back for a relaxing weekend getaway.

The view of the night sky was a great way to end the day, we've never seen so many stars in our lives (we mean in other places, the sky is the same, but it's really my first time to take photos of stars). Oh, our world is amazing.