Before this trip, we never knew what or where Sicogon Island was or how it looked like. We were in Iloilo at the time we were contacted to visit, and our friend who had previously been told us that it will be the most beautiful place we'll ever see. Months of constant cancelations, we finally had a set date and the moment finally arrived. I had no expectations, except for the photos on Google, which didnt really tell us much.

We can honestly tell you now, that Sicogon Island and its surrounding islets are the most beautiful and magical places we have ever been to. Never in our whole career were we able to take as many photos as we did in this trip. Never have we seen light so perfect, water so clear and beaches so beautiful our eyes couldn't tell if it was a dream or reality. Some parts of the trip we would ask ourselves if we were still in the Philippines and then we would remember how beautiful and surprising my country can be.

We flew from Manila to Roxas City because its much closer to get to Estancia Port where you can rent a boat to take you to Sicogon (Although Sicogon is still not open to the public, you may visit Isla De Gigantes and other neighbouring islands).

Tangke Lagoon is an absolutely magical place. Although when we arrived at the Lagoon, it was low tide (we were looking forward to swimming but unfortunately the water was too low!), but either way, the light was magical, and our visit still made us feel like mermaids (and mermen?)

Cabugao Gamay Island, one of the islands in Isla De Gigantes is easily my favorite. I've seen it in pictures before I visited and was excited because I know pictures can sometimes be deceiving but what you see is really what you get. This island is so beautiful, and there is a small climb where you can see the island from above. An absolute gem.

One of the Islands in Isla De Gigantes is Bantigue Island which is a long sandbar, fairly empty, fine sand and clear waters.

The next day, we woke at 5am and rode Motorcycles to go to the drop off point of our hike at Mt. Opao. In Sicogon Island, everyone gets around by motorbike. I haven't climbed in nearly a year, and honestly i always forget how hard it is. For this hike, we took the faster, but harder hike. Mel, Thomas and I would tell ourselves, "the view better be worth it!", and behold, it was the most amazing view, and the most amazing light up in that mountain.

Thank you, Sicogon, for the tan lines, the sun burn and the memories.

Photos by Thomas, Kimi and Mel