On the other side of the palm trees and beaches, lies the beautiful temples of Indonesia. Borobudur Temple, which is located in central Java, is named one of the greatest Buddhist Monuments in the World, and theres no doubt about that because spending sunrise here is magical. This amazing monument which was built in the 8th and 9th centuries still stands tall today and serves as a place to visit when coming to Indonesia. 


When visiting Borobudur, be prepared to wake up really early! Our 4am call time was perfect to reach the temple by Sunrise. The sun rises and leaves a perfect glow through the halls of the temple and it definitely left us speechless! As the moment passes, you can hear people pray in the distance and it will definitely give you good chills. The sun will illuminate the surrounding mountains and small villages and it will blow your mind to be in such a majestic place. Although visiting temples may not always be on the top of our list we're glad to partner with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to help us find the most majestic places around Indonesia, and we found one of them for sure. Borobudur Temple exceeded our expectations, to stand in one of the greatest and oldest Buddhist Temples is definitely another check off the bucketlist!

TIP: There can be a crowd when visiting Borobudur Temple, sometimes it seems almost impossible to take a clear photo when everyone walks around. When the sun starts to rise, try to find yourself at the right side (facing the sun), that part of the temple is usually clear of people.


Borobudur Temple has an entrance fee of USD15 (not including transportation) and this also includes a little snack to enjoy after the Sunrise Tour.  The Temple remains sacred ground, please do not lean or step on the pillars. Guides and Signages will tell you where to go and where not to go. If you wish to fly a DRONE, inform the guides immediately and they will guide you to where you can fly your drone.

In Partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism