We've been working with Sky Scanner to bring you to the most amazing places to visit in Indonesia, and we've finally come to this point of the trip to bring you to the only place in the entire world you can find Komodo Dragons. Indonesia, you've surprised us once again!

Komodo National Park is located in Komodo Islands just off the coast of Flores and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also part of the 7 Wonders of Nature, so its time to pack your bags and head on over here! As obvious at it sounds, this is where you can find Komodo Dragons and it is the only place in the whole entire world where they exist. Yes, Godzilla is a Komodo Dragon and no they do not grow to that size. Seeing a Komodo Dragon is exciting, and intimidating at the same time, here are a few things that happened during our trip!

Everyone goes to Komodo National Park by boat and is roughly 45 minutes away from the port of Labuan Bajo. Your guides will tell you to be very very careful and you MUST follow these rules. Komodo National Park houses over 4000 Komodo Dragons that are spread out across the whole island. When you get off the boat, everyone is required to go through briefing and each group is assigned to 3 guides to accompany you through the trek. The guides will then tell you what to do and what not to do, such as, always stay with the group, always stay with a guide and do not make any noises (they mean it!).
The Park was dry and hot because Komodo Dragons prefer these type of living situations, that is why they reside in this part of Indonesia. We began our trek after a 5 minute introduction and the guides also inform all the ladies that if it's "your time of the month", you must inform the guides because Komodo Dragons can probably smell you from a mile away and it may attract unwanted attention (eeeeep!).

The Komodo Dragon is the largest species of Lizard in the whole world, they grow up to 2-3 meters long, they are solitary animals and only come together when eating or breeding; they are also stealthy hunters and will attack when they feel humans or animals are vulnerable. The term "Dragon" in Komodo Dragon was given because of their aggressive behavior. 

FACT: Komodo Dragons are stealthy animals, and you have a high chance of not seeing them when they are around you, so stick to your guides!

Since Komodo National Park is not a zoo, seeing the Komodo Dragon may happen by chance. Your group may find them at the beginning of the trek, at the watering hole or at the end of the trek. Our group only got to see them at the end of our trek, because our guides informed us that they roam freely and choose where they want to stay. Lucky for us, there was both a male and a female present. 

It was an amazing experience to be around these creatures, and we highly recommend that everyone visit this amazing island and explore the other surrounding islands.

Here are the corresponding entrance fees for Komodo National Park:

                                                    FOREIGNERS                       INDONESIAN
Rp 150.000                             Rp 5.000                    
 Rp 225.000                            Rp 7.500

Guide Fee  Rp 80.000 for a group of 5

Thomas and Kimi

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