It is every Photographers dream to find an amazing place to photograph, Padar Island is the perfect example and it can be found in Komodo National Park; It is also one of the most popular islands along with Komodo Island and Rinca Island and takes approximately one hour to get to Padar Island from Labuan Bajo by boat.

Padar Island has a fairly easy hike, the ground is not so rocky but has some steep hills, a bit dry during summer days but no lush vegetation to get in the way of the trail. We wore flip flops to the hike and we survived (but we do not recommend you do the same). The hike lasted for less than an hour including water breaks, but the sun kills, so if you have the chance to hike at an earlier (sunrise) or later (sunset) time, it would be best. Komodo Dragons reside in Padar Island but are slowly starting to disappear due to hunting and to lack of food resources. Guides will tell you to still watch out for any Komodo Dragons for safety and security reasons.

We don't exaggerate when we say it is the most beautiful view in Komodo National Park, because it is. Once you reach the tip of the mountain, you will see the view of three beaches, and the wonderful thing about these beaches is that one has white sand, the other pink sand (a light pink) and a black (or greyish) sand beach and it what makes the island most unique. It was an incredible experience to feel like we were on top of the world on this island, to be surrounded by the most beautiful mountain ranges and seascapes, Padar Island is definitely one for the books.

You may visit Padar Island by coursing through Labuan Bajo.
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