The last time I found myself in Hong Kong was in 2006, it was when I bought my first camera and when I started shooting. When I look back at all my photos from the last time I was there, I could only cringe but also feel equally as proud that I've come so far in my life (pats self on back).

Exploring Hong Kong this time was so much different. I had a different eye in Photography, a rather developed one from when I was last there 9 years ago, and I could only feel excited because I was going to see a whole new side of Hong Kong I wasnt able to see when I go with my parents. Also, traveling with friends & my lover (hi thomas), it was sure to be a different experience.

My favorite places would definitely be Sheung Wan & Wan Chai. Thomas and I would find ourselves getting lost there most days. It's unbelievable what you can find (coffee shops, novelty stores, vintage shops and of course Aēsop, Monocle & Le Labo!)


Our first day was really exciting, We got to meet Instagrammers from Hong Kong, LA, Macau, Shanghai, & Seattle (Hi Dan!) and walked around to take pictures. We ended up taking a 45 minute train ride and another 45 minute bus ride to go to a Dam somewhere in Hong Kong. Another thing about going to the Dam was that you need to walk about an hour on the bridge (optional to rent a bike, I didn't think I would need it, but regretted that decision halfway). Nonetheless, the view was spectacular and I got to play with dogs, so win-win.

Note: I did not get to the Dam because my boots were killing me, and it was getting dark so we had to turn back. However, I heard it was beautiful.


Seeing Hong Kong through locals' perspective is definitely an eye-opener. I remember being in Hong Kong several times before but never saw it the way I see it now.

Instagram Pier is a real location, check instagram! It's located somewhere at Shek Tong Tsui, a few bus stops away from Sheung Wan. We got there at Golden Hour (perfect!!!) and stayed till sunset. We had the most beautiful view of the city.

Thank you to Edward, Jess, Candy, Jenna, Xiao, Abdela, Dan, Daniel, Nick, Rey, Varun & to everyone else who made our Hong Kong stay extra extra special. It's only been a week, but I miss everyone all too much.

Photos by Thomas & Kimi